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. J i s a t s u . G a n b o u .

Boku wa kimi ni au tame ni umarete kita no kamoshirenai.

Nagisa Kaworu
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All Members , Moderated
Jisatsu Ganbou is a community dedicated to the
Evangelion character whose appearance was brief, but integral:

. N a g i s a . K a w o r u .

Here, you can:
find miscellaneous information,
post pictures and sound files,
meet other Kaworu fans,
ask questions,
and anything else you'd like!

I'm your creator, Daryn, but hey, that's not important. Go! Worship Kaworu! Shoo!


In one final note, YAAAY! An affiliation! This is amazing, as I routinely forget to check back on my own community. Ahahahaha.

3rd_child_fans - "The land of silly Shinji fans" (Atagamay)