Looking for a doujinshi...

Hello everyone...I was just wondering; does anyone has or knows where I can find this doujin?

It's from "Chizuma" circle, I have the second part  "Powder Snow…の続き!"

If you want scans you can ask me of course! ^_^
But...I be really very happy if someone could tell me where to find this...because I even haven't been able to buy it somewhere...And no, yahoo auctions are no good...-_-

So thank you anyway..^o^


Kawuro pic

I was photoshopping a pic of Kawuro after  I did the NGE-test of which character in Neon Genesis Evangelion I was. The result was indeed Kawuro, one of the most tragic and beautiful character in NGE in my opinion. So I did this for fun :D
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